Fringe “A Better Human Being” Review

After last week’s exciting episode, Fringe is back with an episode that looks at the telepathic connection between a mental patient and a group of killers. As the team tries to figure out how the connection works they find the answer lies in a more familial bond, but the closer they get to the truth, the more dangerous things get. We also see Olivia continuing to get back memories from Peter’s original Olivia, and some people (Walter!) are not too happy about it. At least by the end of the episode we find out what’s behind Olivia’s new memories and why it’s tied in to Evil Nina’s behavior this season.

I’m adding Telepathic Killers to my Things I Hope Never Happen board on Pinterest.

I’m sure that the telepathic killer thing has been done before in sci-fi TV, but I thought that the way theFringe writers approached it was very cool. Having a mental patient (Sean) act as a conduit between the Fringe team and the killers was a nice story element that helped tie in Olivia getting the alternate timeline memories (remembering Walter being in the institute in Season 1). It also gave Astrid a few nice scenes with Sean that were fun to watch. Read More... 


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