Supernatural “Repo Man” Review

So last week I had to try to keep myself from laughing long enough to write my review, and now this week the problem is trying to concentrate on this episode and not on the preview for the next one. I can do this….I can do this…I CAN do this.

Dammit, where’s a scar when you need it?

Anyway, moving on. Tonight’s episode of Supernatural is called "Repo Man" and I’m guessing that’s because that is what our dear friend Jeffrey wants more than anything – to be repossessed by the demon that took over his body a few years ago, before Sam and Dean came along and saved the day. Trouble is, Jeffrey didn’t really want to be saved. Jeffrey liked it. He enjoyed having all of that evil inside of him because it let loose the evil that was already there and gave him a way to act on it.

But that part of the story wasn’t the important part, not really. It was just a catalyst for the real story, the real story that involved Sam getting desperate enough to allow Lucifer to make his way back into his brainpan. Turns out when Sam thinks Dean is in trouble, he’ll do anything to save his big brother – including letting Satan himself back into his life. Read More... 


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