Once Upon a Time “What Happened to Frederick” Review

True love is trying so hard to conquer all, but evil queen Regina just won’t let it. In "What Happened toFrederick," this week’s Once Upon a Time, she has to really work to keep not only Snow and Charmingapart, but to ensure that poor Kathryn/Abigail never gets to meet her gym teacher/brave knight.

In Fairytale Land, Charming runs away from his impending wedding to Abigail, only to be caught by her soldiers. But rather than the witch with a "b" we always assumed she was, Abigail proves herself to be one of the good guys; she doesn’t want to marry Charming because she’s in love with someone else, too. Unfortunately, her someone else was a knight who was accidentally turned into gold while trying to defend her father, King Midas. Read More...



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