The Simpsons “At Long Last Leave” Review

This week’s episode of The Outlands The Simpsons marks the 500th episode of the series. Congratulations! The opening sequence celebrated the special occasion with several funny bits including Milhouse taking Bart’s place at the chalk board because indeed, Bart had earned a day off. Viewers were also treated to a mosaic of opening couch sequences shown at rapid speed.

The Simpsons are duped into retreating to their emergency bunker while the town secretly meets to vote on whether or not to banish the family from Springfield. As a result of Homer’s drunken shenanigans, Bart’s pranks and Lisa’s environmental activism, the town decides The Simpsons must go. Even Maggie shares some of the blame due to her inability to cry. Maggie ‘s transition into a tattooed, mohawk-wearing, knife-wielding bad ass was pretty funny. She managed to be a highlight of the episode without uttering a single word. The "go to hell" parade float is one of the most humorously mean things I’ve seen since the episode where the town decided to place all of the world’s horrible people on a rocket to the sun. Read More... 


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