Alcatraz “Johnny McKee” Review

Alcatraz returned this week with "Johnny McKee", another solid installment of this increasingly engrossing show. While I did enjoy McKee as a villain, and I enjoy how every escaped inmate is diverse (Sniper, bomber, robber, etc.), I am starting to question how much longer we can go with individualized crimes. Once we get to the inmate who beats people to death with giant blue spoons, we know we’re in trouble.

Anyway, McKee is our villain this week, and he landed somewhere in the middle as far as engaging villains. He was definitely creepy, but he never really hit the same level of brutality as previous baddies. In fact, I had a hard time feeling all that sympathetic for his first two kills. That jerk at the bar was trying to get his friend to cheat on his fiancee, and the dude at the pool was being a complete douche. Sure, the gassing at the subway was bad, but maybe he just really, really hated Golden State Warriors fans? Plus, if my nuts got blown off by a firecracker, I might have some pent up rage as well. Read More... 


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