Gossip Girl “Cross Rhodes” Review

I think something might genuinely be wrong with Blair Waldorf and I’m not just talking about her fashion sense as of late. After watching this week’s episode of Gossip Girl, "Cross Rhodes," I went online and diagnosed our erstwhile princess with histrionic personality disorder. Amongst other things, the symptoms of this mental disorder are rapidly shifting emotional states, a need to be the center of attention and a "tendency to believe that relationships are more intimate than they actually are."

How else can we possibly be expected to believe that only a matter of weeks after declaring her ever-growing and eternal love for Chuck, Blair would suddenly realize that she has had hidden feelings for Dan all along? There has to be something physically wrong with her, otherwise she’s still just a spoiled little rich girl who wants to have all of her toys and play with them, too. Does she need every man in Serena’s life to love her more? And how long is Serena going to let her get away with being emotionally immature? She forgave her way too quickly; talk about an enabler! Read More...



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