Castle “Linchpin” Review

This episode of Castle, called "Linchpin," was about finding a little girl who just so happened to be the linchpin to a plan to start World War III. Killing her is that little event that’s supposed to trigger the bigger event, and boy what a bigger event that is. With a lot of twists and turns along the way, it turns out that the mole in the CIA, the one trying to start the next world war, is none other than Sophia herself.

But before Sophia earns herself a bullet to the head, she does have a very interesting conversation with Kate. Sophia tells Kate that she and Castle also had a lot of tension and attraction. That they gave into it finally, but afterwards all they had left were all those things that drove them crazy about each other. Sophia reveals that she wishes she never slept with Rick and even though we know that the womanwasn’t exactly known for telling the truth, I have to think she was serious about that. I don’t necessarily think that the same thing would happen with Kate and Rick, but I am thinking that Kate is definitely going to be taking those words to heart. Read More... 


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