Raising Hope “Sheer Madness” Review

Raising Hope returned this week with "Sheer Madness", and this episode was a pretty big deal! After last week’s gamechanging episode where Sabrina and Jimmy finally got together, I was very interested to see how these two would act as a couple. To be honest with you, I was a little concerned.

The thing about "Will they/won’t they" couples on TV shows is that the audience roots for them to get together so much that they start to get upset when they don’t end up together. Then, as soon as the writers actually pull the plug and get the couple together, they have a hard time writing interesting stories for them since the dynamic has changed so dramatically. I was afraid that having Sabrina and Jimmy finally together would be bad for the show, but I will go on record right now and say that I think tonight’s episode might have been the funniest episode of Raising Hope yet. Read More...



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