White Collar “Stealing Home” Review

Tim DeKay directed this episode of White Collar, called "Stealing Home", which was appropriate seeing as how the story took place at Yankee Stadium and both Peter and Tim himself played baseball. Turns out that Peter played briefly for the major leagues, but had to make a choice when it came down to him ruining his arm for good, which would have meant him not becoming an FBI agent.

The reason the boys end up at Yankee Stadium is to catch a man named Taylor who is a pro himself – a pro con man. He’s the type of guy who Neal may have become (or still could become, depending on yourpoint of view), if Peter had never caught him. Taylor puts together a crew to steal a priceless baseball and of course Neal is set to infiltrate the gang. But before he gets in, Mozzie makes his way on to the team and asks him to play the game for real. Neal wisely says no but his choice to keep Mozzie in the gang backfires when they don’t end up catching Taylor in the end, just one of his flunkies. Read More...



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