Southland Review: Hanging On

Cooper's "Legacy" unfolded as he got his 20 year pin from the LAPD. Of course he'd been on the job almost 22 years. Isn't that just how these things work?

Cooper and Tang were again my favorite duo tonight as they dealt with all the crazies.  In what other job can you take a report from a woman who claims her son is Jesus Christ and he' been kidnapped because Judas betrayed him. Then have a man you once shot come back to thank you for not killing him and show you that he's tattooed your face on his chest.  Ah, the life of a cop.

But sometimes you make the big saves.  Cooper had one of those as he literally dove for the suicidal kid as he went flying off the building.  That scared the heck out of me.  It would have been far too easy for Mike's weight and momentum to pull Cooper down with him.  Cooper probably knew that too but didn't think about it.  He simply focused on saving a life.  Read More...


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Dec 11, 2012 7:47PM EST

I guess cooper could not tell the young kid who came to the whole homophobic school that he was gay too since no one on his squad new he is gay.. and now they know with his confession to the kid who ended up killing himself anyway where is the lady ga ga song for this fictional death. sad south-land even with the foolish pranks ..

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