Justified Recap: The Life and Death of Fancy Lance

Now THIS is the balance between intertwined criminal wheelings and dealings and Raylan Givens being charmingly badass that I've been looking for. And for an episode that is this much about organ harvesting, it was one of the funniest, most just-plain-entertaining episodes of Justified that I can remember.

To start with, even though Raylan comes home late from his day of tracking down Dickie Bennett, Winona is totally cool about it. In fact, she seems pretty resolute in her acceptance of Raylan's dangerous lifestyle. See, fans? Happy? She's not taking our Raylan away from us.

So let's start with the fate of poor Dewey Crowe. Turns out my fears of organ-harvesting last week were all too founded, as Dewey wakes up in a bloody bathtub with two hastily stitched-up incisions on his abdomen. Lance the prison nurse is quite the talking villain, as he explains to Dewey how he will die a horrifying and painful death without his kidneys, so he needs to get $20,000 before his body shuts down on him. It's all very intense and urgent. Read More...



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