Glee Recap: Jeff Goldblum O’Clock

Hooray for Glee! I didn’t totally hate this episode! (Except for the parts I totally hated, which were most of the parts without Jeff Goldblum in them.) No, but really, there were a couple of genuinely high high points here — particularly the God Squad’s thoughtful dismantling of Christian homophobia (suggesting, once again, that even if Ryan Murphy & Co. are frighteningly inept when it comes to racial sensitivity, they’re capable of really constructive nuance when addressing LGBT stuff). Also, Jeff Goldblum!!! Also, not enough Jeff Goldblum. I rate this episode ENDURABLE PLUS.

So, it’s St. Valentine’s week, which means Mr. Schue is running around yelling shit like this: "Okay, everybody! Let's hear it for luuuuuuuuuv!!!" Gross, let’s not. Sugar Motta (you know — that character? The one with the characteristics?) announces that she’s throwing a big romance party at Breadstix, and only coupled humans are invited. "No single people allowed. They're sad and boring and they don't exist in my world." Except, twist!!! Sugar Motta HERSELF is single! But not for long, because Artie and that Irish kid immediately start bonering all over her — a boner vs. boner deathmatch that will drag out until the end of this entire episode. Because that’s how attraction works: Whoever gives a female the biggest box of heart-shaped garbage candy or makes the No. 1 most pitiful speech in choir class is the one she will choose to be her mate! Read More...


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