Parenthood 3.16 "Tough Love" Review

For some reason, season three of Parenthood hasn't been hitting me nearly as hard as season two, a collection of episodes that helped raise the show from promising newbie to one of the better dramas on television. As we head toward the end of the season, though, I've been trying to come to terms with what exactly my beef has been with the show, aside from my dislike of certain storylines. After having caught "Tough Love", the 16th of 18 planned episodes this go-around, it finally hit me.

Parenthood's third season has been a lot of frustrating events that lead to the desired outcome. By the end of a 42 minute episode, we may have made progress in the storyline or packaged together a series of heartfelt moments designed to bring on the sniffles, but getting there has been rough going at times. Of course, I've enjoyed Parenthood this season for those heartfelt moments, that desired ending, and the consistently tremendous ensemble, but there have been times I've gotten aggravated watching. Read More...


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