'American Idol': The Rooms of Doom claim their victims


If you'll remember, we've just wrapped the awesome 12 hours that is Group Night on "American Idol" and it's time for the group members to actually do some singing, instead of huddling in the corner crying and eating their own hair.Group PerformancesUp first are The Betties, the group that was very divided about staying up vs. going to bed, plus there's the plague going 'round. Steven Tyler remarks that they should've been "Betty and the Boops," but I think they should've been "Betty and the Veronicas." Anyway. They sing "Bills Bills Bills" and it's awful. It's an absolute trainwreck. There is no key, their moves are super awkward and then it just kind of ends. Oh my god, I wouldn't put any of them through. But Jennifer and Carrie are put through and the rest aren't. Groovesauce (is that the name?) is next. At first, I thought it was "Groupsauce" and I was like -...



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