Modern Family Recap: Egg Donor

Oh, Jay Pritchett. Every time we think you’ve grown (usually after some Very Important Moment at about minute 24 of a Modern Family episode), you let us down again. Last night’s show finds Jay scheming to get Manny away from his mother and out socializing with peers ("This kid needs football" is a constant refrain in this episode, and it’s been implied in many others), as if he’s learned nothing from raising vehemently non-athletic Mitchell, who seems to have turned out just fine even though he was never a jock. Jay is also revolted when Mitchell floats the idea that Claire might donate an egg so that she and Cam (and some surrogate lady thing) can make a baby together, equal parts Pritchett and Tucker. We’re with Alex and Haley, who think it’s a beautiful idea (Luke is too preoccupied by his long-brewing hatred of Lily to really weigh in). It would’ve made for a great plot development — a big event to alter the relentlessly episodic nature of the show and also a nice play on how the whole family is awfully close. If Claire and Mitchell ultimately decide they’re uncomfortable with the arrangement, then fine. But we weren’t prepared for the utter disgust with which Jay greets the idea — and even Gloria’s grossed-out reaction shot comes as a shock — as if surrogacy would somehow be equivalent to inbreeding. Utter nonsense! We’d like to think that nontraditional arrangements made out of generosity and love are exactly what modern families are all about. Read More...


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