Southland “Integrity Check” Review Southland “Integrity Check” Review

"The average street cop in Los Angeles makes $75,000 a year. It’s not enough."

The above may be true but it was a subpar opening narration for a subpar episode. Over the last few weeks I’ve questioned why (or, indeed, if) Southland has become little more than a series of vignettes or vague and unsatisfying plotlines. In ‘Integrity Check’ everything felt unfinished and, for the most part, uninteresting.

The best plotline this week was Sammy, Sherman and the accidental evidence. The reveal that Sammyhadn’t planted the pipe was not only a great twist, it was a relief. Sammy is still essentially the same character he always was, but paired up with Sherman (who is much less accessible for the audience now that he’s no longer ‘the new guy’) it feels like they spend most of their time commenting on the attractiveness of women and parties (and, occasionally, houses). It’s disappointing that these two great characters are, to me, at least, quite off-putting at times, and Sammy planting the evidence would only have compounded that. So that plotline was definitely a plus. Sadly, almost everything else was a con. Read More... 


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