Modern Family “Virgin Territory” Review

There were so many little story lines running through tonight’s episode of Modern Family that it was somewhat difficult to determine which one was supposed to be the primary plot line. The name of the episode, "Virgin Territory," would imply that the big story of the night was Phil finding out about Haley’s big secret, but all the other plot lines received almost as much attention.

As if answering my questions from last week about Luke’s simmering resentment for Lily, a chunk of tonight’s episode was dedicated to explaining Luke’s issues. Formerly the youngest kid in the family, Luke felt that he had been usurped by Lily and her irresistible cuteness.

Luke and Manny set a trap for Lily which was astonishingly well built. I doubted that they could have actually put together a Rube Goldberg machine of that caliber, but seeing Cam fall into their trap was worth the temporary suspension of disbelief. Read More... 


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