Law and Order: SVU “Hunting Ground” Review

Law and Order: SVU managed to combine two "ripped from the headlines" stories into one this week with, "Hunting Ground," the story of a crazy birdman who hunted his human victims through the woods in an elaborate game, only to rape them, kill them, and bury them on a beach.

This last part puzzled me. I know they claimed he did that so that he could keep his trophies close to him, but it does seem like a stretch to murder someone in a seriously remote area of the mountains, only to drive them 300 miles and bury them in loose sand on a public beach. Not that crazy killers have to make sense, but it does seem rather, for lack of a better term, derpy.

After the killer’s most recent victim managed to contact her mother during the hunt, SVU picked up the case and quickly uncovered eleven victims including, I swear, Rachel Berry from Glee. I don’t know if the girl in the picture was just a Lea Michele look-alike or if she loaned them her image, but she certainly wasn’t in the episode as by the time they found her body, she was too decomposed to be played by anything but a dummy. I was a little disappointed. It would have been a funny casting stunt. Read More... 


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