The Vampire Diaries Promo: Cassidy Freeman Guest Stars in Episode 3.16

Everyone had a really bad day on this week's episode of The Vampire Diaries.  Elena found out about Damon and Rebekah's recent fling.  While she was put off by that, her day got worse when she felt guilty about Elijah's impending death at his mother's hands.  Unfortunately for her, Elijah got wind that Elena was lying to him about Esther's plans and kidnapped her.  Leaving her with Rebekah, he delivered an ultimatum to Stefan and Damon: either they stop the Bennett witches from helping Esther with her spell to kill the Original siblings, or they would kill Elena.

Instead of killing Bonnie and her mother, Damon came up with a plan to dagger one of the Originals, which would put them and, more importantly Elijah, out of commission for a while.  But Klaus caught on quickly, undaggered Kol and then Damon spilled the beans about Esther's plans.  The Original siblings convened and confronted their mother.  Meanwhile, the Salvatore brothers confronted the Bennett witches and Damon killed turned Abby, which caused Esther to lose her power for the spell and disappear, along with Finn.  At the end, Elijah decided to leave and Kol had already split.  Only Rebekah remained with Klaus. Read More...


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