'Jersey Shore': Snooki doesn't 'speak clock language'

MTV ShowsThe action continues full throttle at the "Jersey Shore" where the tanning spray flows as freely as the alcohol. On the Thursday (Feb. 16) episode, the crew makes a cake (and eats it, too), Snooki deals with her urinary tract infection (finally) and Deena finally "does sex" with a dude who is "a nice guy, but kind of a d*** at the same time -- which [she's] into."The Situation continues to attempt to paint himself as some kind of evil mastermind. It mostly doesn't work. This week, his manufactured drama is feigning hurt feelings when he's accused of stealing a piece of the cake Team Meatballs made to make up for skipping out on their gig at the Shore Store selling t-shirts. When we find out it was Pauly D who had scarfed a slice, the Sitch warns that the "Mean Mike" is about to come back. Oh good, we're hoping this means he'll...



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