The Secret Circle Review: Daddy's Home!

I daresay "Return" was one of the best episodes of The Secret Circle so far. Now that Cassie has a parental unit of some sort back in her life, she seems less annoying. It didn't take much for the change, so maybe she was being portrayed as a wayward teen without someone to love her. Whatever it was, I found her much more appealing tonight.

Before Daddy arrived, she thought she was moving back home and even got her first job at the local coffee shop. Adam taught her how to serve drinks but not how to serve them from the bottom of the glass. Dude! You grew up in a restaurant. Watching Cassie's fingertips on the lip of a glass may be a turn on to you but not to other customers. Thankfully, that wasn't the only indication of how close Adam and Cassie are becoming. Read More...


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