The Secret Circle 1.15 Review: Papa, Can You Hear Me?

Pulling off a reveal can be a tricky thing for a series like The Secret Circle to do. If you put in a certain amount of time into gathering information on something vital, there'll be innate tension that arises the closer you come to an answer. It can get you more into the narrative by having progress to track and speculation to make as to the direction things are going. However, having all that time to speculate could lead the actual reveal to be a bit of a letdown. The more something is poked, prodded, and built up, the more expectations it has to live up to and if your mental picture of events doesn't quite match the actual event in the show, you can't help but feel a little deflated.

The Secret Circle had put many weeks into developing John Blackwell, one of the most powerful witches Chance Harbor had ever seen, holder of some serious black magic, and Cassie's biological father. His reputation had certainly preceded him, as any mention of his name inspired fear in the toughest of adversaries the circle had faced. However, now that Cassie's activation of the medallion brought him out of hiding, I have to say that I'm a tad disappointed. Blackwell had been built up to be an awe-inspiring magical entity that having him be without any magic and often times at the mercy of Cassie (both magically and emotionally) didn't do his reputation justice. Blackwell had been neutered to the point that I wondered if he, too, would be another one week guest star like so many visitors to Chance Harbor have been this season. I didn't need him to come lumbering in and taking over, but there was no menace, no danger, no edge to the character that had been predicated on menace, danger, and edge. Ethan's fear for Adam and Cassie seemed to have no real purpose, as we've only had a tiny glimpse at what primo Blackwell can do and the Blackwell before us is certainly not the Blackwell who made it off the boat. Read More...


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