The Office Recap: Thank the Appendix

Before we get to the rest of the episode, let me go ahead and state for the record that were I in the position Erin was in, I would have done the same thing. I love a good oatmeal cookie, and I hate a nasty dehydrated raisin, and I don’t care how many people have told Famous Amos (or just "Famous," if you’re Erin) that.

Dwight and his ... "hard won" doesn’t seem like the right phrase here, so let’s go with "hard settled on" instead … team are in Tallahassee to get to work on the Sabre Stores initiative, just as soon as Dwight wakes everybody up in the cold open. Hey, you’ve got to give Ryan at least 90 minutes for his morning ecstasy. And let me just say, I am surprised by how glad I am that The Office writers have remembered that Ryan is a supposed to be a douchebag; his attempts to seduce Erin ("I’m so glad this is happening") were a reminder of how many different shades of sleaze B.J. Novak can play, from triumphant to scheming to lazy. Read More...


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