Parks and Recreation Recap: Cookie Tush

We open on a plot point that I had a hard time believing the first time around, and I'm still comically rubbing my eyes about: Tom and Anne dating. Tom, who has really developed his adorably annoying nineties R&B character quite nicely, is running some possible nicknames by Anne. Some highlights include Booboobear, Annberry Sauce, Lady PreshPresh, Annie Get Your Boo — but my favorite is probably Cookie Tush. Anne desperately wants Tom to play it cool, but he's instead begging to change his Fakebook (it's not Facebook, but it's supposed to be!) status to "In a relationship," but settles on "It's complicated." And we're back.

Meanwhile, Leslie and Ben have stopped by to visit Chief of Police Chief Trumple, who is retiring soon. We are treated to Ben's hysterical terror of cops, which manifests itself in him trying to play it way too informal, and alternately bringing up 9/11. Trumple invites them to his retirement party that night, and as they're leaving, they run into Dave (LOUIE CK!) Sanderson, Leslie's ex who moved to San Diego. Louie seems to have invented a new type of dialogue, the socially awkward coptalk, and I love it. He's a shade of his character from Louie, plus words like romantical and pertinent. Leslie feels guilted into inviting him to dinner with her and Ben, but she's hoping Dave will endorse Ben while Trumple endorses her, leading to the Ashley Judd movie Double Endorsement. (Watch for Ben's startled reaction when he almost runs into a cop in the parking lot!) Read More...


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