'Jersey Shore' recap: Season 5, episode 7

Last night’s episode of ‘Jersey Shore’ was relatively drama-free, save for the opening and closing moments.The most drama occurred at the show’s opening, with Jwoww continuing to fight with her boyfriend Roger. This beef quickly blows over after Jwoww and Roger make up and agree to put the fight behind them.Team Meatball, Deena and Snooki, feels bad about ditching Danny and heading to the bar while they were supposed to be working at the Shore Store. To make it up to him, they bake a cake that they will bring into work the next day.Before the cake can make it to the store, someone eats a piece of it and the house immediately casts the blame on the Situation. Cakegate is officially underway at the Shore house.Situation feels as if his rights have been violated and that in this house he is "guilty until proven innocent." I have to say, I agree with Situation here, he does get cast as the bad guy almost every time something happens, regardless of if he was the antagonist. Cakegate appears to be the final straw, and Situation warns that his mean side is about to come out.At work, Deena presents Danny with the cake, and he sends her on her break time.  Read More...



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