'Vampire Diaries' Recap: 'All My Children'

By now, faithful readers, you’ve come to know me a little bit. And I’m sure you’ve noticed that I’ve been a little confused about what show it is that we’ve actually been watching. With references to "The Secret Circle" and "Gossip Girl," you can’t really blame me. But it all made sense tonight: the sappy music, the desperate longing on Elena and Stefan’s faces when the director switched frames during their missed phone connection, the pain in Damon’s eyes when he picked up Elena’s call, the fact that Rebekah was RIGHT THERE in his bed and left at exactly the same time Elena arrived, the bizarre reference to the actual title of this show (Stefan writing in a diary!) that producers forgot about—with good reason—two seasons ago, Klaus telling Caroline that he wants to know her hopes, her dreams, everything. We’ve been watching a soap opera, and it’s more than fitting that this episode’s name hearkened to the mother (get it?) of daytime TV. Plus, Esther wants to kill all her children. In short, it was a meandering, plot-heavy episode, so let's get down to it:



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