'Secret Circle' Recap: 'Return'

Last night's episode of "The Secret Circle" featured a huge payoff front and center: the "Return" of John Blackwell!

After the steamy raciness of last week's "Valentine," the show returned to its slow-boil pace and gave us long moments to contemplate Blackwell's true intentions, to wonder even more about the fire and the other big events from 16 years ago, to consider for a moment why Cassie's father clearly favors Jake over Adam and other such plot threads. Of course, witch hunters just love to interrupt our pondering!

From the very beginning of the series, when the show's teen witch hero lost her mother and it was said that her father was also gone, we just knew that Cassie's dear old dad had to actually be out there somewhere—very much alive. You see, we met Cassie's mother (just before she was killed by Charles) but we never saw her dad. And when it was revealed Cassie has dark magic inherited from her father's evil side of the family, we just knew John Blackwell was too good of a character to keep in the shadows. And we were right! Read More...



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