Project Runway All Stars Recap: In Need of Some Divine Intervention

This week, the designers start things off by meeting Angela at a theater, which can only mean one thing: costume challenge! (Actually, it also means we're going to be treated to a lot of overly dramatic proclamations about how much each contestant loves a good show.) Angela wastes no time in explaining the task at hand: They must make a costume for a rich-bitch character in Godspell. The winning design will be worn by the actress on stage, and the winning designer will get their biography in the show's program. Fame indeed. This is arguably a tough challenge because it's vague enough that, really, anything goes; also, Runway's designers have been well-conditioned by the judges to believe that all things "costume" are bad, bad, bad. This likely explains why, in the end, the outfits they produced were understated by theater standards — and made with little thought given to their on-stage functionality.) Read More...


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