Supernatural 7.15 Review: "Good Morning, Vietnam" and Other Things the Devil Says

Oh, Sammy.  Sammy, Sammy, Sammy.  The youngest Winchester is in a very bad state after this week's new episode of Supernatural.  Let's start at the beginning.

Four Years Ago

Don't bother doing the math (because I tried and failed).  The "Then" segment and the first scene managed to perfectly date the "Four Years Ago" part.  This was meant to take place in season 4, when Sam and Dean were hunting for Lilith.  At the time, they were in a warehouse, trying to deal with a demon they had captured.  As it turns out, they had captured this man named Jeffery, who was being possessed by a demon who liked to play serial killer with a group of women.  Thanks to help from a woman named Nora, they finally managed to pin him down.  Now they were torturing the demon for information on Lilith.  The demon gave up some info and Dean exorcised it back to Hell. Read More...


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