Supernatural Promo: Things Are Getting Very Creepy (Plus, Misha Collins Returns!)

This week's episode of Supernatural showed us a case from the Winchesters' past.  Back when they were chasing Lilith in season 4, they exorcised a serial-killing demon from a man named Jeffrey.  In present day, bodies kept turning up that echoed the earlier killings.  Sam insisted this was unfinished business for the boys and they headed back to Idaho.  Unfortunately, the boys got separated and learned a horrible truth: the demon wasn't back; it was Jeffrey doing the killings.  It turns out that Jeffrey was legitimately crazy and being possessed gave him the "strength".  He killed these women to lure the Winchesters back to town because he needed his exorcists's blood (Dean's blood) in order to summon his demon back from Hell so that he could be possessed again.  Fortunately, Sam figured out what was happening in time (unfortunately, with Lucifer's help because he's hallucinating the devil again) and was able to save Dean.  The demon was summoned, but jumped into Jeffrey's hostage instead.  When Sam swooped in to save the day, the demon was exorcised again and sent back to Hell. Read More...


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