Once Upon a Time 1.13 Review: Secrets Are Exposed & True Love is Rekindled

Don't let the title of this week's Once Upon a Time review fool you.  The truth is that secrets are exposed in Storybrooke, but that doesn't mean that anyone ends up with the person they love.  In fact, it's the opposite.  But we'll get to that shortly.

Let's start with the fairytale world in this week's Once Upon a Time, which was slightly more hopeful overall.  This episode is dated shortly after the last Charming/Snow White episode we saw.  Snow had told Charming she didn't love him in order to save his life and then went off with the dwarfs, but Charming called off his wedding to Abigail regardless.  Now, he's on the trail to find Snow.  Unfortunately, King George is right behind him, hoping to bring him to heel.  Charming is momentarily kidnapped, only to be dumped at the feet of Abigail.  And here's the big twist: it turns out that she knows all about his love for Snow.  But that's okay, because she doesn't actually love him either. Read More...



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