Once Upon a Time Promo: Everyone is a Suspect in Episode 14!

In this week's Once Upon a Time, Mary Margaret and David's secret was exposed.  Mary Margaret encouraged David to be honest when Kathryn suggested they move to Boston so she could attend law school.  And while he told Kathryn that he just didn't feel a connection with her and couldn't leave town with her, he failed to tell her about Mary Margaret.  When Kathryn ran to Regina for comfort, her "friend" told her the truth about the affair.  Kathryn confronted Mary Margaret at school and the town quickly heard about the affair, talking about Mary Margaret behind her back.  Once she finally met up with David again, she told him their love was too destructive for them to be together.  And on Kathryn's way out of town to start a new life, she mysteriously disappeared!

Meanwhile, in the fairytale world, Charming once again took center stage in this week's Once Upon a Time.  Abigail revealed that she knew he didn't want to marry her.  In fact, she told him that she too was in love with another person: a knight named Frederick who had been turned into gold when he tried to save her father, King Midas.  Charming agreed to help and faced a Siren, successfully defeating her.  Frederick was revived and Charming set off to find Snow White. Read More...



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