'The Celebrity Apprentice' premiere: Cheryl Tiegs is out of the club


Donald Trump and his bevy of B-listers (if we're being generous) are back on "The Celebrity Apprentice." And the premiere brought with it everything we hoped for: Adam Corolla and Lisa Lampanelli disguising their standup routines as banter with fellow contestants, George Takei talking about how smoking hot Lou Ferrigno's body is, and Trump firing a celeb that, honestly, we probably won't miss that much.After we figured out who the heck all these people actually are, got the skinny on the people we haven't seen since the '90s -- or ever (note to Arsenio Hall, or anyone really: When someone asks what you've been up to lately, don't open with "I ran into Ruben Studdard"), heard a couple of Adam/Lisa quips, and were lulled into submission by George's voice, Trump divided the two teams by gender, per usual.The men threw around name ideas (The Honeybadgers was my fave, though not so much Clay Aiken's) and...



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