Grey’s Anatomy “If Only You Were Lonely” Review

Zola’s hair wasn’t that bad. To me whether or not Zola’s hair would warrant enough weird looks to catchDerek’s attention was the central issue of "If Only You Were Lonely." She’s a one-year old with messy, slightly un-done pigtails, one year olds with perfectly neat hair aren’t playing enough. That said, Derek going after what he perceived as racism in the woman giving him a weird look was kind of awesome. You don’t mess with Dr. Sheppard’s kid. It was also funny to see Sloan rattle off some Spanish in the hope it’ll some day connect him to his daughter. Sophia is going to have way more identity issues than just racial or cultural identity. Some day her parents are going to have to explain to her that she was conceived while her moms were on a break and one of them found solace with her sex buddy/Sophia’s father. That’s five years of guaranteed therapy right there. Read More... 


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