The Office “After Hours” Review

We got another great cold open in "After Hours," this week’s episode of The Office, where Oscar, Pamand Angela took turns to gang up and rant behind one another’s backs. The cuts back and forth between the three of them hanging out in the break room and their asides to the camera played up the gossip gag perfectly.

Fully recovered from his appendectomy, Dwight still had the title of "Vice President of Special Projects" on his mind. From his standpoint, Packer was his only serious competition. I’m not completely convinced that Packer is even interested in the position. I get the feeling that he’s much more interested in screwing over Dwight and seducing Nellie in the process.

Dwight has shown an uncanny ability to manipulate attractive women in the past, so I was a bit surprised that he was doing so poorly with Nellie at the bar. The women that end up falling for Dwight usually do so after he treats them with a sort of disinterested roughness. He wasn’t using that same strategy with Nellie and was fumbling all over the place when Packer was around. Once Gabe helped get Packer out of the picture, womanizer Dwight stepped back onto the playing field and Nellie fell for that odd and inexplicably irresistible machismo. Read More... 


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