The Finder “Little Green Men” Review

As if we needed a reminder that The Finder is a spin-off of Bones, this week’s episode, "Little Green Men," featured a guest star from the parent show, Dr. Jack Hodgins, who flew Walter all the way up to DC just to ask that he track down an object which an astronaut, who had since been disgraced, recordedfalling to earth. Jack was, of course, convinced it was a UFO. Walter didn’t care either way as long as he found what he was looking for in the end. That’s kind of what I love about Walter. He has no agenda beyond finding stuff.

Of course, digging into government secrets landed Walter drugged in a detention facility where a mysterious, yet attractive operative threatened to destroy him and the members of his little family at Ends of the Earth. With their blessing, however, Walter pushed on until he discovered that the object was secret technology, but not of the alien variety. Read More... 


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