Desperate Housewives 8.14 "Get Out of My Life" Recap

The final season of Desperate Housewives promised to be "full of surprises" and I have to admit, for as much as I've been able to call most of the plot twists and "reveals" over the past eight years, I admittedly did not see tonight's shocker coming - nor did I expect so many questions to be answered before the end of the series. I suppose that means there must be more on the way, and with only 7 new episodes remaining, I can only hope Marc Cherry has something good up his sleeve.

Let's recap, shall we? Last week saw the surprise arrival of Orson, Bree's ex-husband who saved her from a drunkard and helped her get back on her feet. We started with Bree and Orson's catch-up, Bree telling him "you really are a good friend." She adds that he's the only one and Orson is surprised, since he knows the four girls to be inseparable. Bree says that a few months ago something happened that caused them to have tension with each other and when Orson tries to pry the information out of her, Bree admits the whole story. Meanwhile, Porter and Preston return home and tell Lynette that they've been evicted from their apartment. Lynette attempts to stop them from moving back in, but the boys manage to pry their way back into the house by telling Lynette they don't like Tom's new girlfriend. Read More...


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