Comic Book Men 1.02 "Life After Clerks" Review

Comic Book Men, AMC's reality series from acclaimed director Kevin Smith debuts its second episode "Life After Clerks" on AMC tonight following The Walking Dead's "Triggerfinger,' focusing on the day-to-day running of New Jersey comic shop Jay and Silent Bob's Secret Stash as this week the staff plays hockey with Kevin Smith and Clerks star Jason Mewes drops by for a visit.  Riskily improving on last week's pilot, Comic Book Men still struggles a bit in hitting its niche the second time around.

Honestly, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to come back to AMC’s Comic Book Men, for a number of reasons.  As I explained during my review of the pilot episode last week, I’ve never been one for reality TV, mostly due to the fact that I lack understanding of where the suspension of disbelief lies.  Back in its most recognizable inception of MTV’s The Real World, I could buy into the fact that while edited, most of the events unfolding on-screen were in fact genuine.  Today, with reality TV as a billion-dollar industry with hundreds of series churning out program after program, I find it much harder to place any trust in the notion that what we’re seeing hasn’t been meticulously staged for dramatic purposes.  And even if reality TV no longer represents anything truthful, why should that affect our enjoyment of it?  It’s an endless debate on the nature of fiction, one that I’ve lived far too long and missed far too much to start investing in now. Read More...


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