Pan Am Recap: It Must’ve Been Love, But It’s Over Now

We’ve reached the end, folks, and it sure has been … something? Some things have definitely happened. There were words said, loves gained and lost, foreign countries visited, and historical events gracefully rammed into plot points, seemingly without reason. I feel as though we’ve been through a short war together, and though all of us came out alive on the other side, we all suffer from amnesia and a persisting sense of doom.

On what is likely the last flight that these crazies will ever take together, Ted tries to be okay with a gay wife by trying to get Dean to be okay with it. He tells Dean she’s "almost perfect," which is sixties code for "lesbian who wants an open marriage." Dean, as usual, is too hung up on Colette (AGAIN) to care about anybody but himself. Alas, dear Colette is in first class, being wooed by her prince. Also onboard is Captain Broyles, asking Maggie to smuggle antique jewelry through customs in what has to be the most asinine plot twist this show has made since whatever the last plot point was. Read More...


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