Eastbound & Down Premiere Recap: Chiklis

In the first few moments of the season-three premiere of Eastbound & Down, Jody Hill et al.'s gritty, moving documentary series about life and love in the South, we learn that Kenny Powers's boogie board is painted with an American flag and a pot leaf and we are not surprised. "Your base tan's looking nice. I'm hoping to get there myself this season," he tells a black couple on Myrtle Beach. They do not appear to know him.

It'll be hard to top last season's Hispanic adventure (as described by national treasure Stevie Janowski), especially since this one is the HBO comedy's last. Then again, this is a show that featured a topless Jet Ski scene set to Ram Jam's "Black Betty" in the pilot, so obviously they're not afraid to run the risk of shooting their load. Also, if Louis CK watches 30 Rock and smells the writers' room getting off, I watch this and smell Crown Fried Chicken and people who are nice to interns. I wish I was hiding under the table. Read More...



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