'The Bachelor' elimination shocker: She was too good for you anyway


Hometown dates are here, "Bachelor" fans and we are excited. This is always one of the best episodes of the season - maybe THE best.Lindzi's HometownHorse girl reminds us about "Dumpsville: Population you" and Ben meets up with her at a horse track, where they hook up a horse to a carriage and make it cart them around. Lindzi stands on the back, while Ben "drives." The horse is clearly like, "This is stupid. I'm so embarrassed."They have a picnic and nothing really of consequence happens. Let's get to the family, please. Lindzi's parents, Margie and Harry, have these adorable dogs and a beautiful farm/acreage. It turns out Lindzi's parents got married in San Francisco's city hall, which is where Ben and Lindzi had their first date. How did Lindzi not know that? I know where my parents got married. In fact, I know where they honeymooned too. Weird.Then they all go carriage racing through...



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