The Good Wife Recap: False Positive

Urggghhh. Just as all of us predicted, Will’s triumph over the grand jury last week was a false positive. He’s not pregnant. So sad. He is, however, out of the law for the next six months. That something of this magnitude would result from the season-long build-up was inevitable. How it came about though, doesn’t quite make sense, given that Wendy Scott-Carr took the job of special prosecutor to bring down Peter. Why take Will’s infractions to the bar association when all that does is further Peter’s agenda? Is she operating from sore-loser vindictiveness? From righteousness? Or is it another red herring, and did someone with a better motive make the leak? Was it Cary? This show has made its name on avoiding the obvious, and Wendy Scott-Carr is far more complex than the easily foiled, heartless villainess she was made out to be last episode. My money is on Will having someone else who wanted to see him squirm, and Wendy coming back toward the end of the season and wreaking real damage on Peter. Read More...


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