Pretty Little Liars Review: Code of Continued Silence

Another week and another action-packed episode! There's a lot to cover this week and, unfortunately, despite the heartbreaks, the blackmail, and one very drunk Spencer, we still didn't get much closer to solving any of the show's mysteries.

"Breaking the Code" provided some really big pieces of evidence...but they didn't really lead anywhere yet.

Jonah only gives Aria and Spencer an address attached to an old burn phone used to text Alison. When the girls investigate the house, they just find a bunch of mail and old man staying in the abandoned home. Although Aria remarks, "at least we got something," I couldn't help but think, "yeah, very little." It was pretty frustrating until Hanna (strangely enough!) started investigating the name of the law firm on the mail. Her mother revealed that Melissa used to work as an intern at that firm until it closed down. Read More...


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