House of Lies Review: Conscientious Objector

This week on House of Lies, Marty succeeded in staying faithful to April while on the road, but his commitment to reaching "Bareback Town" may have sealed his fate at Galweather and might cost him Roscoe.

Just as it looked like there wasn't any line Jeannie would not cross for Marty or the job, her conscience got the better of her.  The adverse results she brought up, of the drug Brenda was trying to push, ended up coming into play despite Marty's initial dismissal and in the end forced Marty to make a serious game time decision to throw Brenda under the bus in order to capture his coveted yearly billable target. The decision looked to be bitter sweet as Brenda showed her claws outside the bedroom and vowed to take Marty down by costing his firm a ten million dollar account. Jeannie however, showed once again why she is the most valuable player Marty has on his team. Read More...


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