Smash Review: Secrets and Sacrifices

The first two episodes of Smash were primarily about the creation of an idea and the casting of Marilyn. Tonight, in "Enter Mr. Dimaggio" we learned more about the people involved and the intermingling of Broadway.

Derek and Ivy are sleeping together. Whoopee! I don't think she got Marilyn because of that, but their new relationship will definitely create questions. I almost feel a little bad for Ivy about it, but she did bring it on herself. She didn't have to give in to the temptation.

Derek is hot, but he still is a bit of an ass too. I'm not sure he is as into her though as she is him. His comment in bed about them getting together to talk about Marilyn didn't come across as a joke, rather like he used that to cover for his non-nonchalance about their relationship. Though, he did go watch her performance and stop by her dressing room. Could he care? Or, was that just a bootie call? Read More...


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