Californication Review: Born To Walk Alone

Even when Hank tried to do a selfless act and help out the man who stands between him and his one true love he wound up in trouble. This week's episode "Here I Go Again" showed that Karen really does know Hank better than anyone as he proved right her accusation that everything he touches "turns to shit." Karen putting down Hank is nothing new, but to see Becca so angry with him was some serious hurt for Hank. 

Not helping his cause was Holly who despite her great taste in music was a walking disaster, realist or not. The most surprising result of the whole Bates mansion melee was the emergence of Tyler as Hank's seemingly best ally. Their relationship looked like it took an interesting step when the young suitor asked Hank to read his screenplay. Scenes from next week revealed that the kid actually has some talent. Read More...


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