House Review: Stand By Your Woman

Think positively.  What did "Man of the House" do right?  I suppose I was intrigued with House trying to pull one over on the government by faking his marriage to Dominika.  But I think I was only interested because even though the sited reason for him faking his marriage was money, it seems to me that House wouldn't really do something like that unless he wanted to.  Which circles back around to the question of House's motives. 

Why does House want to help Dominika?  Does he like her company?  Is he lonely?  Obviously.  Maybe he just wants someone around.  Throughout the series, he has lived with Wilson on and off and appeared to take comfort in Wilson's presence.  Even when he roomed with Alvie during "Broken," he was annoyed at first and then grew quite fond of his roommate.  House needs someone around.  He can't be alone.  And no, I don't think House is heading for true love with Dominika, at least I hope not, but a companionship for House could be healthy, even if it is dysfunctional. Read More...


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