Spartacus: Vengeance: “Libertus” Review

Gannicus! Gannicus! GANNICUS!

My first reaction to seeing the Spartacus: Gods of the Arena vet Gannicus (Dustin Clare) was euphoria. Great (bleep)ing character played by an excellent, emotive actor. My second reaction to seeing him… faced off in the Capua arena against Crixus (Manu Bennett) and Oenomaus (Peter Mensah)…

Well that was more akin to "Oh no! It’s too early!"

As a fan of this intense show, I wanted to see these dudes interact. Not just open one another’s chest cavities for plebeian gratification. Yet at the same time… there they were, right before my eyes, about to throw down. I leaned forward in my seat expectantly. Read More... 


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