Grimm “The Last Grimm Standing” Review

Finally! Grimm has finally stepped up with an episode that doesn’t make me scratch my head and wonder why the heck I’m still hanging on to this show. "The Last Grimm Standing" was a crazy episode that showed more than Nick fighting off a monster of the week with Monroe’s coaching. "The Last Grimm Standing" was actually a quasi Fight Club meets The Hunger Games type of episode AND showed us layers of what Captian Renard has been up to.

Action and drama aside, Renard’s involvement in the Wesen world was probably my favorite part of this episode. Finally we got to see a little more of Renard and what he’s got up his sleeve, and his actions (picking the monsters that would battle it out to the death as well as that crazy final scene with the priest) really made me wonder exactly what else this Reaper has going on behind the scenes. Read More... 


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