The Walking Dead “18 Miles Out” Review

The episodes of season 2 roll on, and one would hope AMC’s The Walking Dead might continue in its usual relentlessly tense, nail-biting path. AMC has taken a renowned and award-winning comic-bookseries and turned it into a gripping, visual, televisionary treat. There have been critics of perceived starts and stops—"pacing issues," some people claim—but for the most part I have not agreed with them.

Would that I could continue to say that.

The latest episode, "18 Miles Out, " started out with its usual tenseness—Shane (Jon Bernthal) and Rick (Andrew Lincoln) beset by zombies. Scroll back in time and we get the reason for the title in the first place: an 18-mile point away from the farmstead where Rick and Shane can start looking for a place to drop off their wayward, rescued "guest," and a place they can finally have that… talk. Read More... 


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